“Georgie!” I hear my dad screaming from the other side of the house, “Georgie! Where the hell are you? I need you here! Daddy needs his medicine! Georgie!”. I know exactly what comes next, it happens every day, I could recite it in my sleep. My drunken father will stumble around the house looking for... Continue Reading →


I absolutely love this show, and Pickle Rick is legendary in all of his pickle-ness! I originally drew a draft of this on my lunch break in work on the back of a completed crossword puzzle, but I liked it so much that I came home and drew it digitally. It's a simple cartoon drawing... Continue Reading →

Genie Smeany

“What do you mean I can have three wishes with provisos?” I quizzically ask the turquoise, all-powerful genie floating in front of me. “Well, you can have any three wishes that you long as they’re not too hard to fulfil” came a yawning reply from the mystical being. “Too hard?...But you’re a genie, one... Continue Reading →

The drawing which got me hooked again

My inner artist lay dormant for many years after leaving school, I didn't create anything more spectacular than a stickman while playing hangman after finishing my GCSE's. Once I had stopped art classes in school, my sketching pretty much disappeared. Many, many years later (too many to disclose) a close friend of mine gave me... Continue Reading →

School Fight

I am surrounded by a gang of hungry school children, hungry not for food, but for the fight that they so want to happen. Even those which I once thought of as my friends were trying to whip me up into a frenzy for the battle of the year. I am pushed forcibly into the... Continue Reading →


The next short story I am about to post is about bullying. Now I am not going to do a 'pre-blog' blog post before every item I put out here on Thought Candy, but I wanted to for this story. Bullying is a massive problem for both children and adults alike, some people think they... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas you lovely, lovely people! This is by far my favourite time of year! So in honour of this joyous time, I drew a Christmas love penguin (sounds a bit dodgy that doesn't it) for your festive enjoyment. Look how in love he is with all of you, absorb his warm heartfelt gift. I... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Christmas Present

There it is, the perfectly wrapped present, it's taunting me, laughing at me, placed to the left of our overly decorated Christmas tree. It’s just sitting there, away from all the other gifts, it doesn’t need their approval, out there on its own glowing in its pristineness. What’s in it?! “What is in you present”... Continue Reading →

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