I LOVE BANSKY! Soooooo much! I draw his stuff a lot, stencil art looks really cool to me. Had to draw this over two pieces of paper as I can't scale properly ☺️

The Picture in the Attic: PART 1 of 3

This place is black, completely void of light; silent, damp and cold. An area where your eyes pulsate trying to grasp onto images for deciphering, onto any object which could give you clues as to where you are. The darkness engulfs this chamber with enthusiasm, the room embraces it, enjoys it even, along with the... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

It began like any normal day for Roy as he reached over to slap his alarm clock silly, stopping it making that annoying *beep beeping* sound it so loves to scream. He sits up on the edge of his bed and yawns, making noises like a baby dinosaur as he reaches up to the ceiling.... Continue Reading →

Lost Umbollum

Where the hell is it, I know it’s here somewhere. I usually put my umbollum next to the ramidub on the flandingo, but for some reason its nowhere to be seen. I can’t go to work without my umbollum, so I need to find it urgently, I am already late as it is. I shout... Continue Reading →

Communication From Mars

“Roger that nest, we confirm approach is underway and on track, over” “Roger that, initiate landing procedure 0645 when you are ready pioneer, over” “Initiating landing procedure 0645, stand by chaps, this could get bumpy” I say to my fellow astronauts, this was big! The first humans to ever land on Mars, after decades of... Continue Reading →

Black Panther

My homage to Black Panther! One of my more recent digital drawings, drawn on my surface. I really like the shading on his face in this picture...if I do say so myself ☺️

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