Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby, the crook that everyone loves ☺️ Peaky Blinders is one of the best shows produced by the BBC in agessss! Great story and even better acting! Bloody love it! This is my pencil drawing of Thomas Shelby, drawn on my lunch time with a HB pencil ✏️



So, this film came out and I was excited about it when it was announced at the start of the year! Let's hope I am not disappointed as the idea behind this film is superb! Drew a digital Joker as played by the superb actor, Joaqin Phoenix ☺️

Dante Teen Part 4 of 4

I clear what seems like my hundredth table tonight, even for this place this is a busy night. The table at pole 1 has been there all evening, drinking heavily. This usually means trouble, there’s a few of them and they look mean. Mean and drunk don’t go well together. Jackie has been watching them... Continue Reading →

khaleesi Pencil Drawing

I always see her as Khaleesi...probably because writing Daenerys Targaryen is far too hard to remember 😂 so she is my Khaleesi 😂 drew this on my lunch break with a HB pencil

Hayley from Paramore

Paramore are one of my favourite bands OF ALL TIME! So many good songs, soooo many good albums! Hayley Williams and her fellow musicians are superb! Long many it continue! ☺️ my digital drawing of the fabulous Hayley for your eyes!

Dante Teen Part 3 of 4

Chapter 2 Another busy night at Jackies Big Jugs, I am clearing the tables, Jackie gave me a job. I think she felt sorry for me…or she got fed up of me coming in for free stuff. She said I could clear the tables, for a minimal wage and a bed to sleep on, I... Continue Reading →

Archer and Lana…Archna!

I absolutely loved this show...before they ruined it with the last 2 seasons! What are they doing to my beloved Sterling Archer! 😔 I can only hope that at some point in the future they go back to what they were doing in the original seasons! 🤞

Dante Teen Part 2 of 4

I look up at the big neon clock in the town square, 23:59. I count down the last 10 seconds until midnight…3, 2, 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dante! Another year older and another year wiser…and better at killing. The big 14, what should I do on my birthday I wonder to myself. I settle on going... Continue Reading →

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