Groovy Man!

Digital self portrait, reminds me of mix between the films scanners and Austin Powers...but less horrory and more groovy baby, yeah ☺️. Look into my eyes 👀

The Mirror

I find myself staring into this mirror, for reasons I cannot fully understand. It frightens me, it frightens me a lot, just at this moment in time I cannot seem to do anything else but look deep into its soul. It's trapped me somehow, paralysed me to the point that I cannot even control my... Continue Reading →

My cutie little cat

This is a drawing of my little cat when she was a kitten, she curled up on my lap and I cradled her in both my hands (I can hear you all making an awwww sound ☺️). The resulting picture was this, and it's one of the sweetest pictures ever of my cat! Really enjoyed... Continue Reading →


I am wicked and I am evil; I know that I am, I don’t try to hide it, not one little bit. I only need my two sisters, and that’s it, no one else. If we stick together not a soul can hurt us, not again, never again. My name is Beth, I live with... Continue Reading →

The Job Interview

“Hi there, please take a seat!” the towering man booms at me as he lunges forwards and grabs my hand, shaking it vigorously. I reply with a juddering voice as my whole body is still feeling the tremors from that ridiculous hand shake, “Hi, I am…” “Rick, right, like the cartoon show Rick and Morty!... Continue Reading →


“Georgie!” I hear my dad screaming from the other side of the house, “Georgie! Where the hell are you? I need you here! Daddy needs his medicine! Georgie!”. I know exactly what comes next, it happens every day, I could recite it in my sleep. My drunken father will stumble around the house looking for... Continue Reading →


I absolutely love this show, and Pickle Rick is legendary in all of his pickle-ness! I originally drew a draft of this on my lunch break in work on the back of a completed crossword puzzle, but I liked it so much that I came home and drew it digitally. It's a simple cartoon drawing... Continue Reading →

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