Pet Hates

I plonk myself down on the sofa next to my pet, Steve. It’s a funny name for a pet I’ll admit, but he definitely suits it, with his cute button nose, green eyes and continuously glazed over expression to only list a few of his characteristics; he matches the description of every ‘Steve’ I have... Continue Reading →


I love drawing stencil art, Banksy is one of my favourite artists ever! I drew this stencil art of the best X-Men, Logan. If I were to be a superhuman, wolverine would be right up there on my list.

The Mechanics

EXT. OUTSIDE PAUL'S HOUSE – DAY PAUL AND GARY ARE STOOD IN FRONT OF THE OPEN BONNET OF PAUL’S CAR. THEY ARE TRYING TO DETERMINE WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT. GARY I have no idea mate, absolutely not a scooby doo. What did you say it was doing again? PAUL Well, it sort of makes a... Continue Reading →

Margot Robbie/Cheryl

Another oldie (but a goldie), this was one of my first celebrity drawings of Margot Robbie...but looking at it now is sort of resembles the singer Cheryl. So, this is a picture of Margot Robbie/Cheryl, whoever you see is OK with me ☺️. It's like the blue black or gold white dress all over again... Continue Reading →

Groovy Man!

Digital self portrait, reminds me of mix between the films scanners and Austin Powers...but less horrory and more groovy baby, yeah ☺️. Look into my eyes 👀

The Mirror

I find myself staring into this mirror, for reasons I cannot fully understand. It frightens me, it frightens me a lot, just at this moment in time I cannot seem to do anything else but look deep into its soul. It's trapped me somehow, paralysed me to the point that I cannot even control my... Continue Reading →

My cutie little cat

This is a drawing of my little cat when she was a kitten, she curled up on my lap and I cradled her in both my hands (I can hear you all making an awwww sound ☺️). The resulting picture was this, and it's one of the sweetest pictures ever of my cat! Really enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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