Dante Teen Part 2 of 4

I look up at the big neon clock in the town square, 23:59. I count down the last 10 seconds until midnight…3, 2, 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dante! Another year older and another year wiser…and better at killing. The big 14, what should I do on my birthday I wonder to myself. I settle on going... Continue Reading →



This got over 2000 likes on Instagram!!! 😱😱😱 Does this mean I am officially and influencer 😱😱😱😂...probably not! 😂 Plus I did boost this post so it probably wouldn't have got that many likes on its own. But still, I am really happy with this digital drawing of Paul Gascoigne! Someone asked for this to... Continue Reading →

Dante Teen Part 1 of 4

Chapter 1 Well, I can tell you right away that things didn’t go to plan. I wanted to be off world by now, but instead I am homeless and a street rat, stealing just to stay alive. But weirdly, this is still better than my old life, so I am grateful. Astonishing isn’t it, just... Continue Reading →

Baby Grut

If you don't find this cute then you don't have a soul ☺️ Drew this digital Baby Grut because he's a sweetie pie!

Couple Kiss

This is still my most liked picture on Instagram, and it's probably the quickest drawing I've ever done 😂 Drew it on my lunch break from a picture in a magazine. Just a kissing couple ☺️

Dante Child Part 4 of 4

Chapter 4 My eyes slowly creep open, I splutter and choke as a liquid makes its way into my mouth (I find out its my own blood From the taste). I peel my head up off the floor and look around while squinting. I am still in the same place I lost consciousness, no one... Continue Reading →


This was my favourite film from my childhood. Probably my second most watched film when I was a nipper, only second to Titanic...watched that film for completely different reasons though 😂

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