The New Arrival

Sarah is sat silently on the floor while her Uncle Gabby and Mad Sally perch on the edge of the three-piece looking down at her. Uncle Gabby’s real name is Dave, the origins of Gabby is still a mystery to this day, and Mad Sally is…well mad. Her hair looks like it’s been styled with electricity, and her left eye twitches constantly which makes it look as though she is sucking on the worlds sharpest lemon. They have all been sat in complete silence now for a good 20 minutes, Gabby and Sally never were very talkative. They are waiting patiently for Sarah’s mum to come home with her dad, who have been gone for hours, Sarah just staring at both Uncle and Mad, with them just staring right back; keeping kids entertained was not on the couples CV’s. Sarah’s mum was heavily pregnant, “she must be walking slower than usual” Sarah thought to herself, “the baby makes her walk like a fat penguin”.
Sarah, bored of the gawping competition gets up to go and play with her toys, unusual toys which she should not really be playing with at her age. However, Sarah’s family was unusual full stop, her toys were actually normal compared to some of the other oddities in the house. She plonks herself down to her pile of toys, next to the open fire which is cracking away as a stray flickering flame almost licks her face. She picks up her voodoo doll and holds a black beanbag on its stomach, “just like mummies” she states as she waddles the doll across the floor.
Her playing is interrupted as the sound of a car rolls up, followed by a slamming door and a turning key in the front door lock, “mummy!”, Sarah screams as she excitedly runs and stumbles her way passed her Uncle. Mad Sally is already at the window looking out at her sister-in-law, she is smiling, happy for their return, which when accompanied with her twitching eye looks quite menacing.
Sarah’s mum and dad walk into the lounge holding something in a tightly wrapped blanket, something new which Sarah had never seen before. Her mum bends down and beckons Sarah over, “look, how sweet he is” her mum proclaims. Sarah suspiciously pads over, peering inside the sheets to confirm her worst nightmare: Mum has brought home a little monster! “Sarah, meet Drago”, her mum softly whispers so as not to wake the new arrival. Sarah, who is not happy at all, very quickly decides that Drago is stupid and very, very ugly, and that his face is screwed up and as red as a tomato…no, redder than a tomato. Sarah’s eye starting to twitch in anger, she looked like a miniature Mad Sally, how cute.
Sarah’s mum puts Drago down slowly on to the couch and then goes to cuddle Sarah tight. Sarah got battered by the baby bump again, just like she always did when her mum came to cuddle her. It’s still massive, “I wish the baby would have come” Sarah sighed. “Instead of Drago, I would have preferred a baby brother or sister to a baby monster. I mean, who needs another dragon in the house anyway?”. She peers over Drago who twitched as he woke himself up with a burp, which proceeded a rather large fireball which spluttered out of his nostrils narrowly missing Sarah’s face, but not the light shade. Dad and Uncle quickly leapt into action to extinguish the flaming lamp cover. Sarah sighed and shuffled her way back to her voodoo dolls as Mad and her mum gushed over how cute Drago is, “Dragons suck”.

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