The drawing which got me hooked again

My inner artist lay dormant for many years after leaving school, I didn’t create anything more spectacular than a stickman while playing hangman after finishing my GCSE’s. Once I had stopped art classes in school, my sketching pretty much disappeared. Many, many years later (too many to disclose) a close friend of mine gave me a graphic novel to read, it was called ‘Death of the Family’ with the illustrations drawn by an artist called Greg Capullo. I had never read a graphic novel before, so this was a completely new experience for me. The images in this literature are amazing! If you have never read it and you are an artist, I would recommend giving this book a look. One image in particular caught my eye, the one which sparked my interest in drawing again. I challenged myself, to see if I could copy this image to the same quality that I once did in school. So I got an A4 piece of paper, a black and red biro and off I went. This is the resulting image which I drew, I’m pretty pleased with it still to this day. It’s no where near as good as the original but it was enough to relight my artistic fire. Since this drawing I have made sure to set aside some time every month to draw, I find it relaxing and rewarding. In fact, drawing actually helps me with my writing, it gives me something else to do while I go through my many days of writers block. I tend to do most of my sketches now on my surface pro, but I will post some of my earlier pencilling’s on here as well. I hope you enjoy it me dears. ☺️

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