The Mirror

I find myself staring into this mirror, for reasons I cannot fully understand. It frightens me, it frightens me a lot, just at this moment in time I cannot seem to do anything else but look deep into its soul. It’s trapped me somehow, paralysed me to the point that I cannot even control my own breathing. My eyes, dry from not blinking enough, have been staring at the same spot now for what seems like hours. The more I stare, the more I begin to see things, things which at first I believed to just be in my mind, but now I am not so sure. Hands, not attached to anything are all over my body, pushing down on my shoulders and forcing my arms to stay by my side. These cannot be real as I cannot feel their fingers, only the pressure they seem to be applying, I don’t know if I am creating the invisible forces because of what I am seeing, or they are there because it’s really happening. I now wish that I didn’t make the impulse buy to purchase it, it just drew me too itself. If I could smash it right here and now I would…but I can’t.
There has been a figure stood about 10 feet behind me, all this time, not moving, not clear, just a blurred black shadow. In the last minute or so though I have sensed that it’s getting closer, moving, very slowly but it is definitely coming towards me. I can feel it, its icy cold, it’s like its sucking all the air out of the room.
I watch on helplessly as it has makes its way across the room to be standing directly behind me. It’s still unclear, still blurred, I cannot make out any features it has. It begins to bend over, its head silhouette moving towards mine. A sharp excruciating pain hits the back of my skull as we touch. The sensation carries all the way through my cranium as it moves its face towards mine. Tears stream down my cheeks as I sit there helplessly, still unable to move from the many invisible hands surrounding my body.
Then suddenly, it stops, the pain just…disappears. But I feel there is a huge price to pay for the rapid disappearance of the agony in my brain, my face no longer one I recognise. All my features changed, my reflection now not as it was seconds before. My new face smiles back at me as the arm-less hands which were keeping me in place release their grip. I move my right arm up to my face to touch it, it feels different, everything is contorted out of shape. I want to scream but I don’t, not that I can’t, I just don’t. I no longer feel in control…my new appearance smiles demonically at me, I think it’s won. I get up, not of my own accord and walk backwards away from the mirror, keeping my reflection as long as my uncontrolled body wishes. I urge for this new face to disappear, but it doesn’t. The manic smile just keeps on getting bigger as I back out of the room, the room with the mirror, the room where I last saw myself.

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