The Ultimate Price for Forgetting

I slump myself down as I let out an elongated ‘Ahhhh’ noise, heaven. I am sat watching my favourite show, in my favourite chair, eating my favourite snack. This is the only time I get to myself, the wife is out doing Zumba, and the little one is put to bed. These few hours when I am left alone are just perfect to me, utter ecstasy. I count down the hours each week until I can relax and just do nothing.
I recline the chair which jolts my legs up in front of me, and reach for my overly large slab of chocolate to my right. The bar of chocolate is far too much for one person, but I always do my best to finish it, it’d be a shame to waste it. As I pull my arm back towards my side which is carefully cradling a lump of chocolate, I notice a deep, sharp pain shoot through my outstretched limb. Intense enough for me to know that this was not a pulled muscle as I stretched for my sweet treat, I knew what was happening. I immediately scramble to the window, a full moon! Crap! How the hell have I forgotten that, how could both me and my wife have not remembered?! We have so many prompts, I even have a calendar reminder on my phone…which is currently in the phone shop being repaired.
In my frightened state I calm myself down by reassuringly stating that there is still time to lock my monster up, but I must be quick. All I need to do is find the keys for the reinforced cage in the basement. The cage usually holds me…usually.
I turn the lounge upside down looking for the key, “Where the hell is it!” I scream as my limbs start to break and contort out of shape. My spine begins its painful journey to increase my height by a few feet. I shriek in agony as my face pushes its way out in front of my eyes! It’s happening, it’s happening now! I cannot stop it, please god, just don’t let me kill too many people tonight.
I curl up in a ball to prepare for my final excruciating transformation as I hear the last thing I remember before blacking out for my night of murderous rage:

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