Writers Block

It began like any normal day for Roy as he reached over to slap his alarm clock silly, stopping it making that annoying *beep beeping* sound it so loves to scream. He sits up on the edge of his bed and yawns, making noises like a baby dinosaur as he reaches up to the ceiling. After his stretching session he slumps back down and stares at the floor for a good few minutes before something distracts him. A light is shimmering on to the carpet, a rainbow coloured prism flickering on the floor in front of him. Roy looks around the room trying to locate the source of this odd spectacle, but nothing stood out to him. He shuffled over to the window to see if the sun from outside was refracting off of some object on the windowsill, but alas, nothing. Roy, confused and puzzled gazed out the window trying to think back to GCSE physics and what could be creating the rainbow on his floor. He stared out the window for some time before realising that he was in fact looking at a huge mirror in the road out front, right in the middle of his garden…

No, no, no, that’s silly. A mirror? Why would there be a random mirror just out the front of someone’s house. More believable Craig, it needs to be more believable, maybe something like a UFO? No, that’s been done before, many times before…maybe a birds nest which has an object in it, and the object is reflecting into his room? Yes, there we go, that’s a bit more interesting:

…rainbow on the floor. He stared out the window only to be blinded by a glare coming from a tree outside his window. It took him a while to conclude this was the mysterious light source, he was still trying to get the blood pumping around his brain sufficiently enough to function properly. He wipes the eye boogers from the corner of his eye crack and focusses on the shiny object. It was a mirror as far as he could tell…

No, why a mirror again. What’s my obsession with mirrors today? I catch my reflection in the mirror as I continue my mirror rant, wait, what is that on my face?! Is that another spot?! Its huge! I’ll just pop this spot and then I’ll get straight back to writing this short. Nnnuuuunnnhhhhh, done. There we go, that wasn’t so hard now was it…just do my hair before going back to the story as well. Might as well now that I’m here anyway. I wonder if I should do a new style today, maybe if I just flick this bit of hair up…nah, makes me look like a punk rocker, a bad punk rocker as well. Right, that’s fine, no more procrastinating, must get back to doing the story. Now where was I…oh yeah, not a mirror, what could the shiny thing be? Jewellery? No, boring. A bottle? Nah, a knife? Too dark. A mirror would make sense to be honest, but how would it get in the tree? Maybe a very fashion conscious bird took it up there? Would have to be a pretty big bird…I saw a big bird at the zoo once, can’t remember what it was though. Zoos are fun aren’t they, the meerkats are my favourite, no I tell a lie, the red panda is. I wonder why its called a panda, it doesn’t look anything like a panda, its tiny…or maybe the normal panda is huge, it is called giant panda actually isn’t it. Maybe it’s like Hagrid, a magical creature giant thing… I’ve gone a bit off topic again, back to the story.

…focusses on the shiny object. It was a…a…a mirror.

Oh stuff it:

It was a mirror. Roy, happy in the fact he found the source of the rainbow yawned again and went back to bed for some more rest. THE END.

That’ll do. Nailed it.

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