Goodbye Evan

“Goodbye Evan, you aren’t staying much longer are you?” Louise softly said to me, while picking up her multiple bags from her desk. I always wondered why she has so many bags, everyday it’s like she carries around the contents of her entire flat with her, including the kitchen sink.
“No, I shouldn’t be too long now” I lied, “just have to finish off this report and I’ll be gone”, I lied again. I know I will be here for at least a few more hours, I always am, always the first in and the last to leave.
“That’s good. Hope you have a lovely weekend Evan, see you on Monday”
“See ya” I say waving to Louise as she struggles out of the office with her numerous bags bashing against her legs. The noise form her ‘bags for life’ bags hitting everything in their way as she leaves is quite something to behold, its actually impressive the noise they make. Then, after Louise fights her way out of the office, silence; the same sound when everyone leaves apart from me, every single day. I am just left here in this desolate, dark office with only the light of my room illuminating the whole office floor. It’s not as though I am even the managing director or anything, I am just a project manager, not high enough in the pecking order to warrant always leaving work last. People take advantage of me though, I know that they do. They always get me to do their work, say they can’t do it because of xx, or yy. I don’t have a family so everyone thinks that I don’t have a life, and that I’d prefer to be here in work rather than actually out living anyway. Of course this isn’t true, but I am too kind and polite to tell them to do their own goddam work themselves. My ‘put the worlds to rights’ thought process is interrupted; I hear the office front door creak open and some rushed footsteps, it must be Louise, forgot one of her bags I bet. “Louise, is that you? Did you forget something?”, I didn’t hear a reply. “Louise, you OK?”, no response… “Louise…” nothing. It must be someone else, I crane my neck to get a better look into the main work area; “Hello?…Harry, is that you?” still not a sound. I get up out from behind my desk and make my way to my door. I peer out into the open office, into the darkness. It takes a while for my eyes to adjust, I stare into the void waiting to see or hear movement. I search for a while, darting my eyes back and forth, but there is no one here…how odd. Maybe I imagined the noises, maybe there was no running sound, maybe I am just tired. I think that’s probably it, I just need to stop working now, I do feel pretty spent actually. I convince myself that I imagined the sounds and go to collect all my stuff to leave. I shut my computer down, write myself a to do list for Monday morning and grab my one single bag (bet Louise is jealous of my one bag). *Click*, I turn my light off and plunge myself into the night. I waddle slowly towards the office front door when a computer monitor to my left flashes into life, the blue start screen illuminating the area with a creepy blue hue. That’s odd, I thought to myself, they only usually come on when the mouse is moved. Stupidly and without thinking about this fact properly I find myself walking over to said computer monitor. I stand over the offending desk to see if there was any reason for this thing to turn on. I can’t see any, I don’t really know what I am looking for anyway, so I turn off the monitor with the power button and am placed back into the darkness. Then I hear the most unexpected sound, a baby crying, under the desk directly in front of me, right by my feet. I look down at my shoes with intrigue, but I cannot see anything, my eyes are still adjusting. I kneel down to find where the noise is coming from, if this is some kind of joke by Harry I will make sure to take this further, to management, this is beyond the joke. I struggle to the floor to look under the desk, my knees are shot from many years of playing basketball on a hard court. I peer under the desk to determine where the crying is coming from, I see something at the back, right at the back of the desk…it looks like eyes. But not baby eyes, big bulging eyes, that resemble a humans…but not quite. The babies screams stop as I clock the eyes, they smile at me as the cries are substituted for deep heavy breathing. I intake a sharp breath as I realise all is not well, I panic and go to run, but can’t get up of the ground quickly enough because of my god damn knees; but I don’t have to worry about my pathetic knees for long anyway as the demon under the desk lunges and demolishes me, drooling and slobbering over me as it takes chunks out of my body. The office, now drenched in my blood and gore is left in darkness again, with the sounds of my screams echoing throughout the space, accompanied with the deep heavy breathing of the beast. Its full for now…on to the next office, it is hungry, so very hungry…

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