13 Sturridge Street Part 1 of 5

“So, what do you think?” Steve said to his perfect, very recent newlywed wife, so recent in fact that she was still modelling her angelic wedding dress from earlier that day. “It’s not much to look at from the outside but let me assure you it’s like the Tardis, its bigger on the inside…You hate it don’t you?”.
“Not at all, Gordon Bennett love, give me a chance to get out the car and have a look a minute” Jane spluttered giving the exterior of the house a quick scan. “It’s lovely, the outside is rustic…and huge, if it’s bigger on the inside then I am expecting the Taj Mahal. It looks amazing!” she said in awe of her new house, their new house. “I can’t believe you managed to get this place so cheap”.
“I know right, I couldn’t believe it either. It was the cheapest three bed house I’d ever seen, so I immediately booked a viewing and…with a little help from my parents, I put an offer in” Steve admitted with a slightly worried look on his face, he knew what was coming next.
“Oh no, Steve! You didn’t get money from your parents to buy it did you?” Jane sighed with a look of ‘please tell me you didn’t’ painted across her face.
“…I may have done” Steve whispered under his breath.
“Steve! I told you I didn’t want any money from your parents to get our first place together, I wanted to do it on our own” Jane exasperated in a frustrated tone.
“Please don’t be mad, it was only a little amount, just a little boost adding to what we had already saved up. They wanted to give me the whole lot but I said no, it was just enough so as I could put an offer in on this place. And with you being away, I didn’t think it was important enough to bother you while you were working. And it was only because this was a really, really good property and it was so, so cheap that if I didn’t put an offer in it would have gone. I would have lost it and I wouldn’t have been able to surprise you on our wedding day. Please don’t get mad, you wouldn’t look good mad in your beautiful wedding dress. With your white frilly skirt and amazingly hot body” Steve stated pulling his best puppy dog face, which was so cute that Jane could do nothing but smile back at him.
“…Fine.” Jane smiled, “but we will pay them back every penny that they gave us, OK?”
“Deal. Now can we please step away from the car before I stamp on those excessively noisy cans hanging from the bumper?” Steve pointed out with a huge grin, “I did think that with the car being stationary and all that, they would shut up. But apparently they are designed to also make noise in the very light wind that we have now”. Jane kisses him with her also smile ridden appearance before she tugs her husband to the front door of their new home. “I don’t even know why that is even a newlyweds thing, what have noisy cans attached to the back of a car got to do with getting married” Steve smirked while being dragged to their house. They reach the front door and stand on the welcome mat staring at the entrance for a while.
“So, this is it. Our first house together” Jane said while sporting a grin which could have challenged the Cheshire cats’.
“Yeah, we are officially adults now” Steve whispered, “…Before we go in, I must tell you that it does need quite a lot of work done to it. So don’t be alarmed at the state of the place”.
“Why are you whispering?” said a puzzled Jane whispering along with him, assuming there was a good reason to do so.
“…not too sure, I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere” he said with his normal voice volume after realising what he was doing.
Jane laughed “don’t be silly, I won’t be put off with the amount of work, we can start from scratch that way. We can decorate it how we want and make it our own”.
Steve pulls out the key from his pocket and places his wife’s hand on it with his. They both move the poised opening device towards the lock and insert the old fashioned key into its corresponding hole. A loud clunk echoes through the house as they turn it clockwise together unlocking the heavy wooden front door. The door swings open with a long groaning creak, Jane glances at Steve; “we definitely need to get the door fixed first, I don’t want to open the door to guests and them think that they are entering the house of the Addams Family” she said definitively, Steve agreed. Jane went to take her first step inside the property but her husband promptly stopped her, “what?” Jane said slightly taken aback at why he was preventing her.
“I have to carry you over the threshold my beautiful bride” he said matter of factly, “it’s the newlywed law don’t you know”.
“How could I forget” Jane said swooning into his arms theatrically. Steve picked up his wife with a quick swooping movement which took Jane a little by surprise. They lovingly kiss each other again while both giggling uncontrollably, Jane feels very much swept off her feet. Steve wobbles into their house carrying his wife, it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. They stumble into the cold dark house;
“Welcome my lovely love of my life to our brand new home; number 13 Sturridge Street”. Steve plonks her down after they chuckle and shimmy their way about a meter into the house. “Cor blimey, either that dress is really heavy or you have eaten a lot of wedding cake” Steve boldly uttered impishly.
“Cheeky sod” Jane said giving Steve a playful punch on the shoulder. While laughing, he gently rubs his arm mouthing the word ‘ouch’.
“So, first impressions of the inside my beautiful slim, light wife?”. Jane took a moment to look around the ground floor, in the centre of the house there is an old wooden winding staircase reaching up to the pitch black upper floors. Either side of the staircase are rooms leading to what looks like a kitchen to the right and a living room to the left. Even though its blindingly bright outside, everywhere in the house is covered by a thick blanket of darkness making everything hard to decipher. The living room hosts a single rocking chair in the middle of it, facing towards where they are stood. The kitchen is filled with old rotting cupboards and a two doored large aga oven.
“Well, it definitely does need a lot of work…but as I said before, that’ll be fun. We can make it perfect for us, make it our home” she said with a forced smile after realising just how much love and care this house will require.
“Good, I am glad that you think it’s OK. I was a bit worried that you’d hate it if I’m honest” said a very relieved Steve. “Now, my one and only true love; would you like me to take you on a proper full guided tour of the house?”
“Yes please my knight in shining armour…We are sickeningly in love aren’t we?” she stated soppily.
“Yep”. Steve grabbed Jane’s hand and pulled her towards the staircase, “let’s do upstairs first, I’ve already bought a brand new bed which is all alone upstairs in the main bedroom. It’s probably very lonely and cold all on its lonesome”.
“Well, we better go and get it warm then shouldn’t we” Jane said showcasing her sexiest pose leaning on the neural post at the bottom of the stairs. With Steve practically dribbling, they both run upstairs chasing one another, so enchanted by the other they failed to hear the slow swaying of the rocking chair in the living room which had begun to move on its own accord. *creak, thud, creak, thud, creak, thud…*

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