One Whole Year!

Its been a whole year to the day (that’s a lie…but its near enough) that I started my Thought Candy blog. ONE WHOLE YEAR! I honestly didn’t think that it would be this hard to schedule blog posts once a week for a year, I now have a new appreciation for bloggers :). So, for my year anniversary I thought I would do a ‘special’ post…and by special I mean I couldn’t finish another short story in time for this one so I had to fudge a paragraph or two :).

For this ‘special’ post, I would like to share my thoughts about blogging:

  1. If you are going to set up a blog for short stories and drawings, make sure that you have A LOT of material already available to you! Unless you want to spend most of your life sat on your computer scheduling stuff.
  2. Make sure you schedule wayyyy in advance, it takes a lot of the stress out of blogging…until the scheduled posts come to an end that is.
  3. Don’t spend ages reading and re-reading your stuff, yes you should always try to spot grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, but I found that I was changing things unnecessarily and delaying posting for this reason. If there is a mistake or two every now and again, who is really going to care? Once its done, its done; post that bad boy.
  4. Don’t expect a lot of views when you first start out, I was upset when I first started blogging that I wasn’t getting thousands of views. Why don’t millions of readers want to devour my short stories :)…after a few months I was happy with tens of views per blog post, and I still am :).
  5. If you are struggling to come up with ideas, there are many websites which give you prompts for starting new stories. I only ever use these for short stories on my less imaginative days, I would never use these for my script ideas.
  6. And the last, but most important: you have to enjoy it! If at any point it becomes a chore, stop and find something else to do, something you enjoy doing. life is far too short to trundle on doing something you don’t enjoy.

Soooo, what did you think of my super ‘special’ 6 points of magical insights?…I may have overhyped it there a bit, not too much though :).

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