The Landlady Part 1 of 6

Chapter 1

*Knock knock knock knock!*
I awake abruptly with this loud banging noise, what…what time is it?…5.45 am! Its Saturday! Who the hell is banging on my door at this hour? I’ll just ignore…
*Knock knock knock knock!*
…it. Who the hell is that, I unwillingly decide to force myself out of my comfortable boudoir to go and see who it is, before they bash the door down. I shuffle sideways almost plummeting off the mattress, I style it out by merging my ‘almost fall’ into a shwarve ‘sit up on the side of the bed’ routine. Another sequence of knocks echo through my flat, “alright, alright I’m coming, hold your horses”. I lumber towards the front door and take off the security chain. I open the door to a worried looking landlady,
“Oh thank God you’re OK!” she sighed at me.
“…umm, yeah, I am fine…what do you mean?” I query while rubbing my eyes, still squinting at the bright light from the hallway.
“I heard screams, coming from your flat”
“Screams? From in here? Are you sure? But I’ve been sleeping, in fact you woke me up”
“Yeah, really loud screams…really, really loud…” I notice while she is describing the screams (not very imaginatively I might add) that she isn’t really talking to me. She is scanning the room over my shoulders, like she is looking for something. “really, really loud screams…” she continues,
“Are you alright?” I say looking into the flat over my shoulder with her.
“Hmmm? Me?” she has decided to look at my eyes now rather than into my place, “Yeah I am fine… I better let you get back to sleep I suppose. Just be vigilant, if you hear anything then let me know, OK? Anything!” she said now fully focused on my face, she obviously couldn’t see what she was looking for in my flat.
“Yeah…ummm, of course, OK. Goodnight Miss Drusilla.” I croak through my dry sleepy vocal chords, while shutting and locking the door right after Miss Drusilla replied with her own ‘goodnight’ pleasantry. That was a bit creepy wasn’t it, my landlady was usually pretty level-headed. She obviously did get freaked by something, I didn’t hear anyth…OWCH! I look down to see what I just trod on, it looks like a necklace. I bend down partly to pick up the object, and partly to see if my foot was bleeding (it wasn’t, drama queen). I put the necklace close to my blurry eyes to inspect it, it was gold, or at least it looked gold, shaped in a pentagram with a blue stone in the middle. How weird, I don’t really know how this got here, but I am too tired to think about this now, I need to sleep. I place the necklace on the dining table next to my car keys and stumble back to my bedroom, making sure to glance at the front door to check that I had locked it properly. I fall face first into my pillow and drift off to sleep, very quickly. It was an odd 10 minutes, but not odd enough to keep me awake and deprive me of my sleep.

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