The Landlady Part 3 of 6

Chapter 4
I place the steak in the frying pan, I think I left the oil to heat up a bit too long though as now everything within a foot radius of the pan is splattered with hot oil, which got spat out on arrival of the meat slab. My hob is right below a window, the only one in the kitchen so I get to see outside while I cook, also very handy for cooking smell evacuations (much better than an extractor fan). The weather is apocalyptic today, the rain and wind is unbelievable. I flip my steak again, the key to a tender steak is to flip it constantly, if you leave it for too long on one side the moisture evaporates and the meat will become dry. Always turn it before the blood rises to the top of the meat. I notice my landlady running down the street in the rain as I stir the potatoes, bless her. She hasn’t got an umbrella and she isn’t moving very fast, I shouldn’t expect Usain bolt though, she is a frail old woman after all. Something glistened on her neck as she bobbled through the rain, that’s odd, it looks like the necklace which I found in my flat last night. The one I couldn’t find this morning. It looks like it, but I couldn’t be sure, I didn’t really get a proper look at it last night, but it sure does look like it from a distance. I refocus on cooking as my potatoes are boiling over, shit! I look back out the window to try and get a better look at the necklace, but she had managed to get inside by this point, I am sure it wasn’t the same necklace. I mean she would have had to come into my apartment last night to get it without waking me up, I giggle to myself, that definitely didn’t happen. My steak now perfectly cooked (if I do say so myself), I take it out to rest and finish the rest of my meal.

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