The Landlady Part 4 of 6

Chapter 5
I rub my eyes and flop over to look at the time; 3.04 am! What on earth am I up now for?! Go back to sleep Ross, you need to be up early for work. *BANG* I lurch bolt upright as this loud noise properly woke me up, I sit and listen for a while, waiting to hear the noise again. It doesn’t come, but there is a faint shuffle I hear now…something is moving in this flat. This realisation hits me hard as adrenaline starts coursing through my body. I jump out of bed and grab the nearest thing to me for a weapon. I creep towards my bedroom door holding a Playstation controller, maybe I should have looked a little harder for a weapon…this will do some damage though, right? I slowly crack open the bedroom door, just enough to peer out into my hallway. I can’t see anything, not from the sections in my view anyway. I open my door up a little more, nothing but I can still hear the scuffling. I creep out into the hallway, the noises are coming from the living room. I press myself up against the wall, readying myself to pounce into the living room, I contemplate shouting as I do so, but I decide against it as I don’t think anyone would be scared by me screaming. OK, Ross…are you ready, here we go, one…two…three…I hold the gaming controller up in a threatening manner and dart into the living room. Eyes wide and heart racing, I can’t see anything, its pitch black so my sight is still focussing. I can hear shuffling, but I don’t see anything. A bang in the corner of the room demands my gaze…a shadow, a large shadowy figure looms in the corner. Its found the darkest part of the room, and its standing there, not hiding, just waiting. I’m frozen to the spot, I can see its looking at me, its eyes glistening from the little light there is. It slowly steps out of the shadow, and into the moonlit area in front of it. I see it now, demon features and all. Its face is contorted, eyes wide apart and slightly off level, its nose almost flat to its face and its mouth gurning. Its tall, really tall, its deformed head looming over me. I can’t bring myself to do anything, I can’t scream, I can’t run, I am petrified stiff, paralysed to this very spot. It opens its mouth as if to say something, but it doesn’t, it just steps towards me, what looks like saliva dripping from its jowls. My eyes wide with fear I watch it lurch towards me, I glimpse a blue glint before I go. I pass out backwards, I feel my head bounce on the floor before completely blacking out, the worst possible time to faint, but if I am honest, I am glad I did.

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