The Landlady Part 5 of 6

Chapter 6
I am woken up by someone furiously banging on my door, I am still flat out on the living room floor. Suddenly I remember why I am there! The demon! I sit bolt upright and scan the room, where did it go, what happened? Another round of banging attracts my attention, owww my head is thumping. Another punching session on my door, “Alright, alright, I’m coming”. I make my way to the front door rubbing my head, and checking to see if there is any blood, there wasn’t. I open the door to find a smiling Miss Drucilla standing there,
“Good morning young Ross…are you OK? You look a bit…not here”
“…What?…ummm, yeah I am OK. I am fine, I think. It’s just something happened…last night…”
“Oh really” she quizzically asked, “what happened?”
“just…something…” my thoughts got distracted as I notice something around her neck, the blue stoned necklace. The same one which I found in my flat that first night, the one I think I saw on the demon last night. “…Where did you get that necklace?” I end up blurting this question out without thinking about it first. She looks down and tucks the necklace into her blouse,
“Oh, that’s nothing. Just an old necklace, I have had it for years.” She stares at me trying to decipher if I believe her or not…I don’t. “Anyway, I came here to tell you that I won’t be here for a couple of months, I am going away for a little break. Could you please keep an eye on my flat downstairs?”
“…umm, yeah, I will keep an eye out…” I state, eyes squinting at her, scanning her up and down. This suddenly has become a woman I know nothing about, I have no idea who she is. All the oddities which I once dismissed as the cute mistakes of an old, concerned woman, now replaced with caution. What is she doing with that necklace?
“Thank you my dear, I knew you wouldn’t let me down” she stated now with a different smile adorning her face, almost menacing. “Right I better be off Ross, I will see you soon”. Miss Drucilla turns and makes her way back down the stairs, turning briefly to look at me again. I stand in my doorway for a while, just staring at the space where my landlady just smiled at me, I have no idea how she managed to turn such a lovely gesture into something so menacing. I eventually snap out of it and make my way back into my flat, closing the door utterly bewildered at everything which has happened. I make sure to lock the door behind me, double checking the locks (I never double check the locks). I make my way to the kitchen and find myself craving a smoothie, how odd. I can’t control this urge, I really want a fruit smoothie. I turn the blender on before finding the fruits I required for said drink, but I still don’t move to get any, I am not even sure if I have any fruit in the fridge. I am staring at the blender as intently as I was staring at the space left behind by my smiling landlady, completely fixated. Without further ado, I take off the lid and with confidence I position my left hand above the entrance to the shredding blades. This seems like the most natural thing to me, to do this, I know it’s unreasonable and I shouldn’t do it, but I can’t stop myself. Panicked and calm at the same time. To my amazement I slowly start to drop my hand into the blender, I am not concerned about this at all. I can feel the wind from the blades as they welcome my fingers. Then, there it is, that wave of ‘what the fuck am I doing’ comes over me, my digits millimetres from the blades. I recoil my hand as quickly as possible and stumble backwards away from the blender, still buzzing on the kitchen counter. What, the hell, was that?! I desperately need to get out of this place, like now! I grab what I can, shove it in a bag and race out of there. Hopefully never to step foot in that place again.

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