The Landlady Part 6 of 6

Chapter 7

“Ross mate, you can’t just leave all your stuff in the flat, you have to go and get it at some point”, John said encouragingly, he knows I am scared, but he also wants me out of his flat. I’ve been here for two weeks already since the incident, and with his girlfriend heavily pregnant, he wants some space, understandably.
“I know mate, I can’t leave it all there, I know…How about you go and get it for me?”
“Not, a, chance in hell! After all your stories you really think I would set foot in there?! Its haunted as far as I am concerned”
“Damn it, well it was worth a try” I state with a smirk, as much to say ‘I was only joking anyway’…I wasn’t. “OK, I will go today”
“Today? Wow, that’s a rapid change of mind” John spluttered, completely gobsmacked at my suggestion.
“Yeah, might as well get it out of the way. I’ll just go in, grab everything and run out, I’ll only be in there for an hour, tops”. I play the movements out in my head with military precision, I know exactly where I am going to go and how long it should take me to get it. John nods at me, he is happy that I’ve suggested it, I can see it in his face. But I also see he is worried, he has never seen me like this before, I’ve never been like this before to be honest, so this is what worries us both.
Right then Ross mate, here we go, in and out. You know what to do, don’t hesitate, just do it. I take a few deep breaths and open my car door, I look up at my flat window. Don’t know what I was looking for, but I was looking for something. I make my way into the house and up to my residence. Stood outside my door I pause briefly, going through the moves I need to do to get all my stuff. Then, quickly and swiftly (so much so I even surprised myself) I burst into the flat and start my recon task. I first go to the kitchen, slamming my heavy-duty duffel bag by the washing machine, and grab some black bags from under the sink. I knew I had a whole reel of them so this was factored into my plan. I shove all the kitchen appliances and cutlery into my duffle bag, making sure to leave the blender right where it was (I can get another blender). I make my way to my bedroom after only 10 minutes in the kitchen, this is going better than planned. I plough my way through my bedroom, stuffing all the items into black bags; there wasn’t much in here anyway, only clothes and chargers. I knew the bedroom would be my quickest room. I lug the clothes filled, pillow like black bags into the living room, if I wasn’t in such a rush I know I would have had fun swinging these around. I drop one of the bags a bit further back than where I wanted, I look back at it, I’ll come back for you, no bag gets left behind. I refocused to shuffling forwards but I find myself slowing down, not because I intended to either. I am losing the feeling in my legs, this alarms me no end but I force my legs forwards, an inch at a time. My heart racing and my panic now maxed out, I change my priorities: I just needed to get out of the flat. No matter what, with or without my stuff. I try forcing my body towards the front door but it’s no good, my feet are now fully superglued to the flooring. I scream for help, but no one will hear me, no one is here, also Miss Drucilla is away, she said she’d be away for a few months. I think of how I can get someone’s attention outside, I am not near a window…MY PHONE! I can call John! I fumble around in all my pockets, with each one giving me a new disappointment, I am not even too sure why I am still looking, I always put it in my left jeans pockets. If it isn’t there I don’t have it one me. SHIT! It must have fallen out somewhere. I look around the floor in a meter radius of me, I don’t think I would be able to reach it if it was any further out than that. Riddled with desperateness now I start to show my panic, I was hiding it pretty well up until then, why the hell did I come back into this place! I look towards the window, past the mannequin to see if there are any lights outside, or if I can hear anyone whom I can shout to…wait, past the mannequin? I don’t have a mannequin! I reluctantly refocus on the mannequin in the darkness, I can only see its outline. Its moving, breathing, this is real! “Who…who the hell are you…” unsurprisingly I get no response, I wasn’t really expecting one. A noise to my left grabs my attention away from the silent intruder, another figure stands to my left and another next to that…they are all around me, hiding in the shadows, encircling like a pack of vultures. There is no point in trying to move, if they’ve been watching me then they already know that I can’t. The figure by the window starts to chant, some old incantations as far as I can tell, it’s no language I recognise. It steps out of the darkness towards me, still reciting its lines, she is naked, I see her wrinkly worn body as she steps into the light…no…no, it can’t be; “Miss Drucilla?”. My landlady raises her hand towards my forehead while finishing her chants,
“Today my friends, I gather you all here for the 100th killing! The last of the sacrifices required to bring our God, our saviour back to this realm! Today we will witness history, the day we rise up and his followers rejoice! The day our master comes back to reign over us! All hail Lucifer”
“All hail Lucifer” comes a booming chorus from all the other nut jobs surrounding me.
“So, without further ado, lets get this young man’s throat slit open so as we can bathe in his blood” Miss Drucilla holds out her hand as an intimidating curved knife gets calmly placed in it. She purposefully raises the blade to my throat as I start to hysterically laugh, this is a joke right. This isn’t real, this is John, he’s set this all up hasn’t he. What a dick! Miss Drucilla leans in close to my ear as I continue chuckling away, waiting for her to confess this is all a joke. She breaths heavily for a good few seconds before whispering:
“Your sacrifice is really appreciated you know. All hail Lucifer”. She swipes the blade across my throat from left to right, blood splattering onto her face. I gurgle my way to the floor, my feet still fixed to the same spot. My final memory of Miss Drucilla painting herself with my blood, continuing the chants she stopped a few minutes ago.
“All hail Lucifer!”

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