Dante Child Part 4 of 4

Chapter 4
My eyes slowly creep open, I splutter and choke as a liquid makes its way into my mouth (I find out its my own blood From the taste). I peel my head up off the floor and look around while squinting. I am still in the same place I lost consciousness, no one seems to be here with me. My clothes ripped and I have a few more new bruises to add to the collection. My head is pounding, I rub my temples, cracking the dried blood on my skin as I do so. What did I do to deserve this? Through my fuzzy thoughts one is emerging strongly, so strong that I can’t seem to control it: rage. Pure rage! I can feel my veins start to throb with this feeling, my heart feels like its had a shot of adrenaline. I take a step forwards and wince, my innocence taken again by my own father. It hurts just to move, but I block that out quickly. I am on a mission, a mission which I should have done many, many years ago. I stumble towards the kitchen to arm myself, I think a large knife will do the trick. On my way I am distracted by a noise in the living room, my mother kindly has given away her whereabouts, that didn’t really take much effort. I was expecting to do at least some detective work to find them. I grimace towards her, she is so spaced out she doesn’t even know I am there. Standing over her I ensure that I take all of the surrounds in, I want to remember this moment forever. I also want to make sure that I never become this pathetic piece of shit in front of me, the longer I look the happier I get. This scum will be gone from the world in a bit, I go through in my head my options to erase this thing. I could drive a knife in her, but I thought of something more fitting for my druggie mother: an overdose. I grab the powder and her spoon, melt it to liquid form and draw it up into the used syringe. She already had her arm primed from her last hit, all I have to do is give her a fatal top up. I gladly oblige, I don’t know much about drugs, but I am sure after the seventh syringe I gave her she would be finished. I stab the syringe into her left eye to make sure she is completely gone, she doesn’t react. She is just staring gormlessly into the distance, now with a syringe decorating her left pupil. Smiling, I make my way upstairs to find my raper, I took a detour to grab that knife from the kitchen, it was the sharpest and most impressive looking one I could find. I go straight to his room, of course he was there, soundly sleeping away; he had a hard night of raping me, he must be knackard. I once again stand by his side and take it all in. I want his face imprinted in to my mind, if I ever needed to hurt anyone in the future I’d just superimpose his face on to theirs: I would kill them without hesitation. I don’t want him waking up and fighting me, I am too small to fight him off, so I prime my knife at the base of his neck. With a swift sharp movement I slice through his skin and into his spine, severing his spinal cord. He is paralysed but can still feel. Well, I think he can feel as he screamed quite loudly as I slit his Achilles tendon and drove the blade into his shoulders. I then proceeded to remove his manhood, it was only small so it didn’t take long. I placed it in his mouth as he was still screaming, I savoured his face as I lightly slapped his cheeks,
“I hate you” I whispered in his ear before slowly plunging the knife into his temple, I watched his eyes roll back into his head. Relief, pure relief surges over me, I am free. I make my way downstairs and look in on my mother to see how she’s doing. Her eyes roll to look at me, the syringe moving with her glare. She is foaming at the mouth, maybe she wasn’t quite gone straight away as I thought. She will eventually though, I pumped enough in her to kill an elephant, she won’t last for long. Stepping outside I take a deep breath, this is the first day I feel good about the future; my name is Dante, here I come.


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