Dante Teen Part 1 of 4

Chapter 1
Well, I can tell you right away that things didn’t go to plan. I wanted to be off world by now, but instead I am homeless and a street rat, stealing just to stay alive. But weirdly, this is still better than my old life, so I am grateful. Astonishing isn’t it, just how bad had things gotten for me that this is luxury. To be honest, its no different really, I always had to fend for myself, its just now I don’t get the beatings which came with the family package. Now that’s not to say I haven’t received and given out a few beatings since then (about a 50/50 split), but most of them I actually deserved, and vice versa. I had become quite a fighter if I do say so myself, I definitely win more fights now than a few years ago. Thugs tend to look at me and see a vulnerable 13 year old girl, just begging to be robbed…and thank god they do, because without them I wouldn’t have ever been able to survive. The first time was a struggle, trying to overpower three 16 stone steroid fuelled junkies, but now it’s a breeze: just kick um in the nuts, slam your finger into one of their eyes while breaking another’s arm with your legs. When the now one eyed man starts screaming in pain, the others back down fairly quickly. Standard procedure, works every time. My SOP did fall foul once though, I got robbed by a girl gang, failed at the first hurdle, no balls; they robbed me blind and gave me a good kicking as well. My arm still doesn’t straighten properly after they snapped it clean backwards at my elbow, didn’t have any money for treatment so its stayed bent ever since. And then there’s the killing, I have killed a lot since my parents, I sort of got a taste for it. I only kill people who deserve it mind, I don’t just erase any Tom, Dick or Harry. This one guy I remember well, he acted like he wanted to help me, he was good at it as well. I was shivering in an alleyway, nothing to keep me warm but the wet dank clothes I was wearing. Starving to the point of almost passing out and this man just approached me, held an umbrella over me for a few seconds before kneeling down and handing me some food out of his jacket pocket. I grabbed it without a second thought, I was so hungry, I didn’t care if it was poisoned. ‘You alright my dear’ he said to me so soothingly, I looked up at his face, surging from the packet chocolate bar he had just given me. My veins had not had sugar in them for a while, so right now I was pumped. He was a very handsome man, chiselled cheekbones and breath taking blue eyes. He held out his hand and sheltered me under his arm, I truly believed he wanted to help me…until we got back to his. He wanted me to do things, a nine year old girl, things that unfortunately I had been subjected to before. But don’t worry, he won’t be doing it anymore, I made sure of that after I ripped out both his windpipe and reproductive organs clean from their mounts. The look of shock on his face was quite funny, he never in his wildest dreams thought that I would have done that, maybe he shouldn’t have boosted my energy so much with that chocolate bar. And the strange thing was, I didn’t feel bad at all for ending him, I felt nothing at all. It just felt like I was doing everyone a favour, I just felt like someone should have done this before I did. From then on I pretended to be weak, and starving to lure in these paedophiles, it was an easy way to get some food and money. Bait them, get them to take me to theirs, kill them, rob them, repeat. I got better and better at doing the deed as well, I got more inventive. I used all manner of objects, I even once killed a man with a shoe horn…it looked really painful.


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