Dante Teen Part 2 of 4

I look up at the big neon clock in the town square, 23:59. I count down the last 10 seconds until midnight…3, 2, 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dante! Another year older and another year wiser…and better at killing. The big 14, what should I do on my birthday I wonder to myself. I settle on going to my favourite place, my regular if you will; Jackie’s big jugs. It was a strip club, but it was the only place I ever felt safe. They shouldn’t have let me in really, but the owner, Jackie, is a sweetheart. She lets me in and takes care of me, I am pretty sure that she’s grooming me to be one of her strippers one day, but she is the nicest person I’ve ever met so I really don’t mind. She is the closest thing to family I’ve ever had. She gives me something to eat and drink while I sit and watch the strippers in awe, do you have any idea how hard it is to do what they do? Their core strength is astonishing. To hold your whole body up on a slippery pole is pretty tough. I once saw one of them get into a fight with a big burly 7 foot steroid fuelled thug, he ended up in hospital with a snapped right arm and a chunk of his nose missing. Was hilarious. I speak to them all as well, they’re all lovely people, similar backgrounds to myself: abused and bullied until they snapped. They all of course never went to the lengths I did to remove the scum from the planet, they didn’t have that person push them that bit too far like I had.


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