Dante Teen Part 4 of 4

I clear what seems like my hundredth table tonight, even for this place this is a busy night. The table at pole 1 has been there all evening, drinking heavily. This usually means trouble, there’s a few of them and they look mean. Mean and drunk don’t go well together. Jackie has been watching them all night, she knows there’s gonna be trouble. I’ve seen her handle worse thugs than this though, she’ll get them out no problem. The music stops and the lights slowly come up, there are only a few regulars left and they leave without any trouble at all, other than stumbling over some chairs on the way out. The thugs at the table by pole 1 though, are not budging,
“Hey you over there, old wrinkly woman, get us another round of beers! And turn these godamn lights down, we ain’t done here yet! Where’s the whores on the poles!” their leader spits at Jackie, he must be the leader, he’s the biggest one. Jackie takes a long inhale of her cigarette before stubbing it out, there was a lot left of it as well, she doesn’t like wasting her cigarettes.
“Come on then lads, that’s enough now, go back to your wives, and I’ll go back to mine. Its closing time fellas, lets go” She confidently stated, spinning her chair to look at them all as she done so.
“Old woman, I don’t think you heard me, maybe you need a hearing aid, you are way past that age of needing one” the big lug chirped, followed by his giggling buddies patting him on the back for such a good comeback. Jackie stares at them for a while, before standing up,
“Come on chaps, time to go now. Come on, we’ve all had a good night, lets not ruin it” she walks towards them.
“we ain’t done here old woman, now stop this tough guy act and pour us some shots, there’s a good girl”
Jackie stops about a meter away from their table, they really don’t seem like they’re willing to move. I’ve been watching all this from the corner of the room, in the dark. I don’t even though if they know I am there. Jackie calmly, but firmly warns them again,
“last chance fellas, you going to go quietly or am I going to have to force you all out?”
After a brief silence the whole table erupts in laughter, some even start to cry at her statement,
“you…hah…you are going to force…haha…force us all out of this place? Little old you…on your lonesome…pahaha” the cackling continues, this works massively in Jackies favour, she had planned on this being their reaction. Underestimating her is Jackies biggest strength. She smiles at them all and starts laughing as well, after a brief few moments the thug table stops laughing, completely bemused by her laughing along. The big one gets up priming his arm to swing through Jackies left cheek, but before he gets there a hole is blasted through his chest, Jackies right arm smoking from the shot. She’s a…she’s an enhanced! My mouth drops as this sinks in, an enhanced, she’s an enhanced! Her right arm splayed like a blooming flower to reveal a shotgun hidden away all this time under her skin. Enhancement costs a lot of money, A LOT OF MONEY, I’ve never seen anyone who’s been enhanced. I thought no one would be able to afford it here on earth. And you have to go off world to have it done, all the enhancement surgeons left years ago. The blood from the big one decorating more and more of the floor, its seeping from his lifeless contorted body slumped at their feet. One thing which strikes me as odd though, none of his mates seem to care, and none of them look shocked, in fact they’re all smiling. They seem happy to see an enhanced. Jackie looks slightly worried by this as well, I don’t think this has ever happened to her before. Smiling, they all turn to look at the guy at the back of their group, the smallest guy there, the one who looks most unassuming. He looks up from his fold up tablet and surveys the damage to his man, not much to look at really, unless you were interested how much blood can come from a human. The small one then looks at Jackie, scanning her enhancement up and down, he looks sort of impressed, like he admired the craftmanship. He takes a big sigh, folds his phone up and carefully places it in his pocket before ‘humphing’ and slapping his hands on the table in front of him. He stares Jackie out, who has become increasingly worried, I can tell this as beads of sweat are forming on her forehead. A swift movement of the small mans hands lead to Jackie knee jerking and firing her shotgun round straight into his face. Her arm still smoking as I gawp at the man, half his face, skinless. Under which a metal skull gleans in the artificial light, no wonder they all looked so calm, this guy must have a full metal skeleton enhancement. He flicks his left hand and fires his own enhancement towards Jackie, her enhanced arm thuds to the ground as the small man expertly severs it off at the shoulder joint. Jackies shoulder squirts with blood as she stands there bemused, not moving, not reacting in any way. The gang stare at her and watch as she finally realises that she is one arm short. She grabs her stump and holds it tight, the pain now clear from her wincing face. She slumps to the floor to pick up her arm, one of the gang see this as an opportunity to pounce, and without a seconds thought I found myself grabbing the nearest knife and racing towards the gang. The street killing practice will come in handy here. I drive the knife deep into his neck only stopping when I hit the bone. His eyes turn to look at me as his tongue hangs out his mouth, gagging for air. I quickly swipe the embedded blade from where it was to the other side of his neck, blood splurted what seemed like meters in front of us both. The other gang members look annoyed, way more annoyed than when Jackie killed the first one. They all go for their guns but none of them get time to use them before they are all obliterated. Bullet holes appearing in them all from seemingly no-where. I run and hide crouched next to Jackie, she covers me with her remaining arm as the bullets spray around us. I’m not too worried though, if they were meant for us I am sure they would have found their target. After the massacre, the silence only interrupted by mine and Jackies heavy breathing, and footsteps coming towards us from the corner of the room. the man stops just in front of me and Jackie, his shoes the shiniest I’ve ever seen. Both me and Jackie look up at the stranger as he throughs down a whole load of cash, this guy must be loaded. I turn my attention to Jackie who is now staring at me, before the stranger states,
“The girl comes with me”. Jackie looked like she knew this was coming, and with a sigh she nods at the stranger. With the only person I ever saw as family staring at the ground, the stranger grabbed my arm and tugged me away. Obviously I didn’t comply, I screamed and kicked as much as I could, Jackie glanced at me as I screamed her name, she was crying. I’ve never seen her cry before,
“Quiet girl, I am not going to hurt you! Calm down would ya!” the stranger kept repeating, “For gods sakes, calm down!”. He kept struggling with me as I watch Jackie gaze back down at the floor, mouthing ‘I am sorry’ before slumping down. The stranger, who’d finally had enough of my wriggling gave me a stun to my neck, I go out like a light…I didn’t even get to say goodbye…

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