The Redhead

So, I don’t need to introduce myself by now do I? You all know me and what I do, right? You’ve read ‘First Thoughts’ and ‘Snooker Hall’ to understand my mindset: I am a 50% killer! And by that I mean I kill 50% of the population, ‘men’ to spell it out for you. The... Continue Reading →


“Two items, one pair of jeans and one top” I say to the smiley changing room attendant. “No worries” she states while handing me a MASSIVE white plastic tag and directing me to door number 3, it’s like a game show: lets see what’s behind door number 3! I make my way to the changing... Continue Reading →

Snooker Hall

It's not a place you would usually associate with flirting, the snooker hall, but that’s exactly what seems to be happening here…and with me of all people! I have to admit, I am not someone who has a good history with the opposite sex. In fact, I don’t think I have ever actually encountered flirting... Continue Reading →

First Thoughts

FADE IN: EXT. COAST – DAY MAN WALKING ALONE ALONG THE COAST.   MAN (Internal monologue) What are your first thoughts of me? What do you believe I do for a living? How old am I? Am I single? Am I a student? Wealthy? Pretty? All are questions you ask yourself subconsciously upon meeting new... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Evan

“Goodbye Evan, you aren’t staying much longer are you?” Louise softly said to me, while picking up her multiple bags from her desk. I always wondered why she has so many bags, everyday it’s like she carries around the contents of her entire flat with her, including the kitchen sink. “No, I shouldn’t be too... Continue Reading →

The Picture in the Attic: PART 3 of 3

The bedroom illuminates with a flash of lightning as Carey silently sleeps. Dan is still wide awake, struggling to drop off as he watches and listens to the grunts and groans of the weather outside. He turns his head to look at his wife who is happily dribbling onto her pillow, Dan smiles: ‘who couldn’t... Continue Reading →

The Picture in the Attic: PART 2 of 3

Dan makes his way downstairs and into the kitchen where Carey is stood at the sink cutting vegetables, “Did you find my wedding dress?” “…No, sorry love” Dan said without a hint of remorse in his voice. “Hmmm, that’s so strange, I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t know where it could have got to”... Continue Reading →

The Picture in the Attic: PART 1 of 3

This place is black, completely void of light; silent, damp and cold. An area where your eyes pulsate trying to grasp onto images for deciphering, onto any object which could give you clues as to where you are. The darkness engulfs this chamber with enthusiasm, the room embraces it, enjoys it even, along with the... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

It began like any normal day for Roy as he reached over to slap his alarm clock silly, stopping it making that annoying *beep beeping* sound it so loves to scream. He sits up on the edge of his bed and yawns, making noises like a baby dinosaur as he reaches up to the ceiling.... Continue Reading →

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