Baby Grut

If you don't find this cute then you don't have a soul ☺️ Drew this digital Baby Grut because he's a sweetie pie!



Chookity!!!!! This is a great original cartoon by Netflix, they are blooming smashing everything out of the park at the moment aren't they! I drew this at lunch and then brought it back home to fill it in with colour. I think looking at it now I should have blocked the colour in a bit... Continue Reading →


“Two items, one pair of jeans and one top” I say to the smiley changing room attendant. “No worries” she states while handing me a MASSIVE white plastic tag and directing me to door number 3, it’s like a game show: lets see what’s behind door number 3! I make my way to the changing... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

It began like any normal day for Roy as he reached over to slap his alarm clock silly, stopping it making that annoying *beep beeping* sound it so loves to scream. He sits up on the edge of his bed and yawns, making noises like a baby dinosaur as he reaches up to the ceiling.... Continue Reading →

Lost Umbollum

Where the hell is it, I know it’s here somewhere. I usually put my umbollum next to the ramidub on the flandingo, but for some reason its nowhere to be seen. I can’t go to work without my umbollum, so I need to find it urgently, I am already late as it is. I shout... Continue Reading →

Wonder Drug

Ever had a day you wish you just hadn’t started? Pounding headache, painful joints and a back so sore that you can’t turn far enough to reach for your cup of tea without wincing. Well I can tell you that you needn’t worry any more, introducing WONDRUG©, the wonder drug for all your painful needs.... Continue Reading →

Pet Hates

I plonk myself down on the sofa next to my pet, Steve. It’s a funny name for a pet I’ll admit, but he definitely suits it, with his cute button nose, green eyes and continuously glazed over expression to only list a few of his characteristics; he matches the description of every ‘Steve’ I have... Continue Reading →

The Mechanics

EXT. OUTSIDE PAUL'S HOUSE – DAY PAUL AND GARY ARE STOOD IN FRONT OF THE OPEN BONNET OF PAUL’S CAR. THEY ARE TRYING TO DETERMINE WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT. GARY I have no idea mate, absolutely not a scooby doo. What did you say it was doing again? PAUL Well, it sort of makes a... Continue Reading →

The Job Interview

“Hi there, please take a seat!” the towering man booms at me as he lunges forwards and grabs my hand, shaking it vigorously. I reply with a juddering voice as my whole body is still feeling the tremors from that ridiculous hand shake, “Hi, I am…” “Rick, right, like the cartoon show Rick and Morty!... Continue Reading →

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