I love a good horror film, and Get Out really made me happy! It was different, well written, well acted and for me was the start of a trend for more thought provoking movies in this genre. It wasn't the usual blood soaked affair, with arms being lopped off every minute and knife wielding maniacs... Continue Reading →

‘Arry Kane!

I really enjoyed the World Cup this year! And I was very proud of our team, to get to the semi-finals was wayyyyy beyond what I expected! I was so happy in fact that I decided to draw a digital sketch of Harry Kane! What a football player, what a man, what a GOD! ☺️


Went to see Drake last year in the O2 in London, loved him! He does come out with some cracking songs! Here is a digital pic of him.

Black Panther

My homage to Black Panther! One of my more recent digital drawings, drawn on my surface. I really like the shading on his face in this picture...if I do say so myself ☺️


I love drawing stencil art, Banksy is one of my favourite artists ever! I drew this stencil art of the best X-Men, Logan. If I were to be a superhuman, wolverine would be right up there on my list.

Groovy Man!

Digital self portrait, reminds me of mix between the films scanners and Austin Powers...but less horrory and more groovy baby, yeah ☺️. Look into my eyes 👀


I absolutely love this show, and Pickle Rick is legendary in all of his pickle-ness! I originally drew a draft of this on my lunch break in work on the back of a completed crossword puzzle, but I liked it so much that I came home and drew it digitally. It's a simple cartoon drawing... Continue Reading →

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