‘Arry Kane!

I really enjoyed the World Cup this year! And I was very proud of our team, to get to the semi-finals was wayyyyy beyond what I expected! I was so happy in fact that I decided to draw a digital sketch of Harry Kane! What a football player, what a man, what a GOD! ☺️


Went to see Drake last year in the O2 in London, loved him! He does come out with some cracking songs! Here is a digital pic of him.

Bryce Dallas Howard

I am a massive Jurassic Park fan! Like huuuugggeee! Even the rubbish third film I liked (please don't judge me), so as a tribute to the new film, here is a pencil drawing of Bryce Dallas Howard I did on my lunch break. Did you know she's the daughter of Ron Howard? Craig's fact of... Continue Reading →

The Joker again

Another very early drawing of mine, this was done years and years ago...I think we still had dodo birds when I drew this. This is another Greg Capullo inspired sketch. Ladies and gentlemen, the Joker.


I LOVE BANSKY! Soooooo much! I draw his stuff a lot, stencil art looks really cool to me. Had to draw this over two pieces of paper as I can't scale properly ☺️

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