Heisenberg…the breaking bad one

This is my digital drawing of a drawing of Heisenberg from breaking bad...that make sense? I think it does ☺️ anyway I really like the green swirls in the background, it's cool.


Get Out was superb, US was...OK. But I am being harsh, was still a really good film, but when you start off by making Get Out, the next film is always going to be inferior. I drew this digital drawing of Red after watching the film, I love the fire light highlights on her temples... Continue Reading →

Hey it’s Robo!

The original Robocop, the new one was awful so I will pretend it didn't happen. I drew this on my surface pro in 2017, I think I might try and do this again this year to see how much my digital drawing skills have improved. I'll keep you all posted 🤖

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