The Bagpipe

I get rudely awoken by my blower, every bloody morning he does this you know. Opens my roof, letting the bright morning sunlight in, my holes squinting from the bright rays. He swoops down and grabs me up, I am all floppy from the sleepiness (he never gives me time to wake up so what... Continue Reading →

Dante Teen Part 4 of 4

I clear what seems like my hundredth table tonight, even for this place this is a busy night. The table at pole 1 has been there all evening, drinking heavily. This usually means trouble, there’s a few of them and they look mean. Mean and drunk don’t go well together. Jackie has been watching them... Continue Reading →

Dante Teen Part 3 of 4

Chapter 2 Another busy night at Jackies Big Jugs, I am clearing the tables, Jackie gave me a job. I think she felt sorry for me…or she got fed up of me coming in for free stuff. She said I could clear the tables, for a minimal wage and a bed to sleep on, I... Continue Reading →

Dante Teen Part 2 of 4

I look up at the big neon clock in the town square, 23:59. I count down the last 10 seconds until midnight…3, 2, 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dante! Another year older and another year wiser…and better at killing. The big 14, what should I do on my birthday I wonder to myself. I settle on going... Continue Reading →

Dante Teen Part 1 of 4

Chapter 1 Well, I can tell you right away that things didn’t go to plan. I wanted to be off world by now, but instead I am homeless and a street rat, stealing just to stay alive. But weirdly, this is still better than my old life, so I am grateful. Astonishing isn’t it, just... Continue Reading →

Dante Child Part 4 of 4

Chapter 4 My eyes slowly creep open, I splutter and choke as a liquid makes its way into my mouth (I find out its my own blood From the taste). I peel my head up off the floor and look around while squinting. I am still in the same place I lost consciousness, no one... Continue Reading →

Dante Child Part 3 of 4

Chapter 3 The school bell rings and I hurriedly pack up my things and make my way out of here, I found that if you stay too late one of two things will happen: 1. You mix with the wrong people, get into the wrong crowd, get caught up in drugs and then get trapped... Continue Reading →

Dante Child Part 2 of 4

Chapter 2 Looking in my mirror I play with my hair, I am trying to see the best way to style it to hide all the bruises. Bruises upon bruises, my face resembling a rainbow with all shades of skin from the varying degrees of healing. I would put make up on to hide them,... Continue Reading →

Dante Child Part 1 of 4

Chapter 1 *Crack* Another bear like hit from my oh so loving father, this one so forceful it made my neck pop. “What did I tell you girl! What did I tell you!” he bellows at me, about a millimetre away from my nose, his spit moistening my face. “What did I tell you! Answer... Continue Reading →

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