Love this digital drawing!

This is honestly one of the best digital drawings I've done to date! Commissioned by some friends, I hope they love it as much as I do! ☺️❤️

The Rock says!

Can you smellllllll, what the Rock, is cooking!!!! Love this man, he is a funny bunny! WWE hasn't been the same after the era of The Rock!

Digital Aishwary Rai

This is a digital version of Aishwary Rai, next week I will post my pencil drawing of her. I think she is super pretty, butttt, I don't like drawing jewellery 😂

Digital Miley Cyrus

This is a digital drawing of Miley Cyrus as Ashley O from the Black Mirror episode with her in. I love Black Mirror and I was actually pleasantly surprised by Mileys acting in this show, very good it was ☺️

Digital Walter White

This is my most recent digital drawing, this took a lot longer than I was expecting! Love breaking bad, love Walter White as a character, so complex! Also chemistry is cool 😎!


Well, this is one of my creepiest digital drawings to date...and I love it, the drawing that is, not the clown it ☺️ Remakes are often terrrrrible, but It was actually amazing! Really good spine chilling portrayal of the petrifying clown! 🤡

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